Revving into the Future: The 1978 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Goes Electric

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Electrifying Nostalgia: The 1978 VW Beetle Convertible’s Electric Revolution

The Joy of Electric Driving

With an impressive 21.5 million units produced, the Volkswagen Beetle stands as an iconic figure ripe for electric conversion.

Far from diminishing the value of a rare classic, transforming a Beetle into an electric vehicle (EV) enhances its reliability and modern appeal, all while maintaining its classic charm.

Imagine cruising with the top down, enjoying the breeze without a trace of hydrocarbon emissions trailing behind you.

Classic Meets Contemporary: Inside the Electric Beetle

Vintage Meets Modern

Currently up for grabs on Bring a Trailer, a subsidiary of Hearst Autos just like Car and Driver, is a delightful slice of 1970s nostalgia fused with 2023 technology.

It’s a 1978 Volkswagen Super Beetle convertible, the variant often debated by purists but nonetheless beloved, now boasting battery-electric power courtesy of EV West, a San Marcos-based company known for its innovative EV conversions.

Green Power on the Go: The Performance of the Electric Beetle

Sunny Day Cruise

EV West has catered to numerous Hollywood elites, crafting electric versions of classic beauties like Ewan McGregor’s 1954 Beetle sedan.

This particular Beetle’s transformation took place on the picturesque west coast of British Columbia, executed by the talented team at Canadian Electric Vehicles of Parksville.

Driving into the Future: The Benefits of Going Electric with a Classic

Technology Fusion

The Beetle’s original 1585cc air-cooled flat-four engine has made way for an 88-kW electric motor.

With approximately 120 horsepower, this electric Beetle is set to deliver nearly double the power of its original form, although it won’t match the acceleration of contemporary EVs.

What’s more, the car houses a 23-kWh battery pack composed of 36 lithium-ion batteries, promising an estimated range of 100 miles.

The Road Less Traveled: Experiencing the Electric Beetle Convertible

Before and After Transformation

Adding to the retro charm is the presence of a manual gearbox, albeit simplified to two gears.

It’s a nostalgic nod to the past, offering the joy of manual shifting even in an electric future.

So, what’s it like driving this electrified classic on a crisp fall day?

Beyond the increase in power, the true allure of this EV conversion lies in its consistent, reliable performance.

Forget the hassle of carburetors or the need for fuel stabilizers during the winter months.

With this electric Beetle, you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice, seizing every opportunity for a joyous ride under the open sky.