1979 Volkswagen Beetle Police Car: A Unique Classic on Bring a Trailer

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Imagine the scene: It’s 1985, you’re cruising through Würzburg, Bavaria, in your shiny, new E28 BMW M5.

You revel in the power as you shift into third gear, pushing the engine through its paces when suddenly, blue lights flash in your rearview.

The retro police car chase scene with the Beetle and BMW in Wurzburg

But this isn’t a high-speed chase scene from an American movie.

This is Germany, and adherence to the law is paramount. The police, albeit slowly, are on their tail.

Bring a Trailer, a popular platform known for auctioning classic cars, now features a unique piece of automotive history – a 1979 Volkswagen Beetle dressed in full police regalia.

Yes, a Beetle, with a mere 45 horsepower, once patrolled the streets, striking fear into the hearts of wrongdoers across the region.

This Beetle, or “Polizei-Kaefer,” as it’s affectionately known, began its service in 1978 and continued to be a staple in the police force until 1986.

Humorously, it might have been the assignment for officers who had a mishap or two under their belts.

In its service, the car was equipped with all the trimmings expected of a police vehicle: a flashing blue light, the iconic two-tone siren of European police, and a PA system, perhaps more pleading than commanding with its “Please pull over!”

The auction excitement featuring the Beetle

It even features a period-correct Telefunken police radio, adding an authentic touch to its storied past.

After retiring from its law enforcement duties, this Beetle found its way into the limelight once more.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld discovered it, brought it to the U.S., and showcased it on his show, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

It also made appearances on “Jay Leno’s Garage” and “Spike Feresten’s Car Matchmaker,” further cementing its celebrity status.

The car, while showing signs of its age and service, like burn holes from officers smoking, has been lovingly maintained.

The exterior received a fresh coat of paint over a decade ago, making it a shiny relic of the past.

The preserved interior details of the Volkswagen Beetle

Interested buyers or classic car enthusiasts should note that while it can’t be registered in California due to its vintage status, it remains a coveted collectible for those outside the Golden State.

The auction for this piece of history ends on December 14.

Don’t miss your chance to own a slice of law enforcement legacy with this 1979 Volkswagen Beetle police car.

Visit Bring a Trailer for more details and to participate in the auction.

Here’s an opportunity for collectors to add the slowest member of the patrol fleet to their collection, a testament to history, humor, and the enduring appeal of the Volkswagen Beetle