Lucid Air’s Steering Wheel Saga: A Tale of Service, Innovation, and Patience

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The Unforeseen Drama of a Small Part

Lucid Air Steering Wheel Issue

In the world of luxury electric vehicles, the smallest components can lead to significant developments.

This was precisely the case with our Lucid Air, where a minor issue with a steering wheel button led to an enlightening experience.

The incident began when a small plastic tab on the steering wheel of our Lucid Air test car broke off, revealing the underlying light and disturbing the sleek harmony of its luxurious, high-tech interior.

Alongside this, we noticed an issue with the frunk’s alignment with the lightbar.

Navigating Challenges with Lucid’s Service

Lucid Service Center

Despite living with the broken button for months, we eventually decided to seek professional help when multiple issues surfaced.

Our journey to the Lucid service center began with a wait for an appointment where a loaner car was available.

Interestingly, alongside the steering wheel issue, we encountered a problem with the trunk not opening via physical proximity, although it still functioned through the car’s screens and app.

Surprise Solutions and Premium Loaners

Upon explaining the issues to the dealer, we were surprised to learn that the solution was to replace the entire steering wheel, as adding just the small part was not feasible.

Despite a backorder, the wait was worthwhile, especially considering the premium Lucid Air Grand Touring loaner we received.

A Symphony of Fixes: From Creaks to Key Fobs

Luxurious Loaner Vehicle

Returning to pick up our Air Grand Touring Performance, we immediately noticed the absence of the steering wheel creaks that were once common in many Lucid Air models.

Additionally, the dealer proactively replaced the battery in our slim key fob – a wise move given its notorious battery consumption and communication issues.

Lucid’s new Gravity SUV has addressed this with an improved fob design.

Addressing the Lightbar and Trunk Issues

The service extended beyond the steering wheel and key fob.

The dealer also resolved the lightbar issue by replacing the trim for better hood clearance and recalibrated the sensors and front camera.

As for the trunk, the necessity to replace the left-side decklid harness remains a mystery but is indicative of some inconsistencies we’ve observed in the build quality of various Lucid Air models.

Warranty Coverage and Future Insights

Comprehensive Repair and Maintenance

Thankfully, all these services were covered under warranty, sparing us any additional costs.

This experience, though, underscores Lucid’s learning curve as a relatively new automaker.

The design evolution is evident in the upcoming 2025 Lucid Gravity SUV, which replaces the Air’s physical buttons with touchpads, likely a response to the issues we and others have faced.

Final Thoughts: A Mix of Patience and Appreciation

Interactions with the Lucid dealer were positive, although the service center itself left something to be desired.

With the impending release of the Gravity SUV, Lucid’s expansion of its dealer network is timely and much needed.

Despite these challenges, the Lucid Air continues to impress across its various models.

However, owning a Lucid Air does seem to require a level of patience to fully appreciate its remarkable qualities.