Ultimate L.A. vs. Detroit Showdown: The Epic Corvette Z06 Scavenger Hunt Challenge

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Introduction: The Detroit-L.A. Rivalry Ignites

Corvette Z06 in Action

The friendly feud between Carnewsus Detroit and Los Angeles offices reached a new high when editorial chief Erik Johnson and I threw jabs over which city reigns supreme.

From L.A.’s notorious traffic to Detroit’s winter blues, our banter took an unexpected turn when I, the self-proclaimed ‘idiot-genius’, questioned Detroit’s exclusivity.

Detroit’s Unique Offerings: A Challenge Emerges

Detroit Memorabilia in L.A

Johnson’s retort included Detroit’s unique offerings – from Faygo soda to Detroit-style pizza.

His list grew, featuring things like historic buildings and classic American cars.

Skeptical, I quickly found myself in a $50 bet to find all these items in L.A. within a day.

The Corvette Z06: Speed Meets Strategy

Knowing time and speed were of the essence, I called in the big guns – the Corvette Z06 from our fleet.

With 670 hp at my disposal, I was ready to conquer L.A. and prove Johnson wrong.

The Hunt Begins: Unusual Finds in L.A.

My journey started with a quest for cheap gas, leading me to a propane station.

Next, I searched for a snow shovel, a rare commodity in L.A., and faced a dead end at Home Depot.

My journey continued with a creative twist on the Coney dog at Carney’s and a challenging drive over L.A.’s rough roads in the Z06.

Historical Hunts and Hypercar Highlights

Historic L.A. Buildings

From finding a Red Wings hat at a sports memorabilia shop to exploring historic buildings in downtown L.A., the hunt was exhilarating.

The highlight was visiting Czinger, builders of the 21C hypercar, showcasing cutting-edge automotive technology.

A Race Against Time: Final Items and a Surprise Twist

Czinger 21C Hypercar

As the day wound down, I was still short of completing the list.

A visit to Detroit Pizza Depot and a desperate search for a snow shovel at Lowe’s added to the drama.

In a twist of fate, a Hollywood prop house provided the elusive snow shovel, securing my victory.

The Conclusion: A Narrow Win and a Spirited Debate

A Classic Hollywood Prop House

Back at the office, I proudly presented my findings, only to be challenged on technicalities.

Despite the dispute, the adventure highlighted the diverse offerings of L.A. and the spirit of friendly competition between two great American cities.